MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Nicole Teeter Business Services


Tell us about your business and who you serve with it?

“Nicole Teeter Business Services creates digital products and provides Bookkeeping and administrative services to small business owner's and entrepreneurs. “

When and Why did you start your business?

“Nicole Teeter Business Services was formed several years ago. I had a large desire to have the ability to work from anywhere, after having previously owned a business I recognized that there are many small business owners and entrepreneurs who required back office support but did not need to have a full or part time employee. Nicole Teeter Business Services provides these services to allow business owner's focus on what they do best and I take care of the rest. ”


What was the biggest struggle your business has faced so far? How have you overcome it? 

“The biggest struggle I faced so far was self doubt. I have overcome it by working on mindset and I also have a business mentor. ”

What are you most excited about for the future of your business? What is one of your companies biggest goals?

“2019 has been a turning point for my business. I am now mentoring new business owners. I have started teaching courses at a local business development centre and most recently have started overing digital courses online. One of my companies biggest goals is to increase passive income sales by 70% this year. ”


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