MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Stephanie Kozak, Mother Earth's Learning Village


Tell us about your business and who you serve with it?

“We serve our community, our children and their families. We believe providing children a interactive space to learn and grow they can become their authentic selves, They will be inspired to learn and invested in the process. Plus, when we forget to be our authentic self, we can come back to self love and replenish ourselves together. When children see us loving ourselves they will love themselves. “

When and Why did you start your business?

“I started my business this last summer, to create a space of compassion and understanding for our young learners that have a creative way of learning. When I struggled to find myself and my 4 children needed a safe place to learn and grow this business become my mission, Our children's wellness matters, our wellness matters and we can come together to create an amazing place on this place we call Mother Earth together.”


What was the biggest struggle your business has faced so far? How have you overcome it? 

“My fear, leaving a secure job to follow my passion and my mission. I needed to reach out to other women for support, inspiration and to learn skills to navigate this new venture in my life. ”

What are you most excited about for the future of your business? What is one of your companies biggest goals?

“I will be leaving this will be my legacy, I will leave this business for my children. We hope to grow to 2 outdoor locations and 2 indoor locations.”

Do you have a special offer for the members of our group?

“We are open to sharing space with everyone that wants to contribute to a Holistic Environment for ourselves and our children. We work as a collective to support and encourage each other. When we are on our truest path, we create happy ripples of joy. The fee is small at 25.00 an hour.”


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