Why should I make my business more social? 

One of the biggest struggles entrepreneurs have with taking advantage of social media is consistency. It's hard to continually find topics that your audience is interested in and more importantly, will engage in. Creating that engagement and conversation is what helps build brand awareness with your target market. When you include social media marketing strategies into your overall marketing plan, you are more likely to reach your target market faster and with a bit more bang for your buck, than going with solely traditional means. 

Getting Social and Promoting Small Local Businesses!

I am so incredibly grateful for the great following of small business owners, small business supporters and community members that I have met over the last few years, whether through my Facebook group, Blog or Instagram page. Part of building the community for The Small Business Owners Of Southern Ontario, is being able to fully support, promote and influence sales for my fellow business owners, helping not only grow their business but improve our local economy and the lives of our families!

If you are looking to promote your small business through either a guest blog or featured social media posts, would like a review or are interested in collaborating with me, please fill out the form below with what you are proposing. I strongly believe in supporting small businesses wherever I can and believe that by supporting each other, we not only encourage the growth of our economy but encourage the growth of community and connection between business owners.

Social Media Engagement

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