Guest Post for Forever Influenced - Taking the Leap

I am absolutely loving contributing to small businesses around the world through guest blogging, teaching, and engaging in great conversation with fellow #Bossbabes! This post was a guest post for Forever Influenced, they are building a great collective of inspiring resources.


6 months ago I quit my full time job and leapt into full time boss babe mode! We went from daycare and day job, to work from home mom. Despite the craziness of that adjustment, we have found a new sense of normal and couldn’t imagine doing it any different. However, when I first started debating on taking that leap, I was super hesitant and didn’t have a solid plan. What would life look like? Would we be financially sound? Do I even have the discipline to make this successful?

Ultimately, my confidence in this endeavor came from conversations with my amazing clients and the little community I've created through The Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario. I had no shortage of clients excited that I'd have more time for them, clients who went on a retainer base as soon as I was available to, and ones that are booking their new branding packages a few months in advance. So with all this encouragement, how could I not make the leap?


I think in a community of business owners, we forget to express our gratitude to the people and fellow businesses that help make our business a success. I have gotten so much support and advice from other business owners and boss babes, and without all of that, I may not have found the "lady balls" to quit my job. The other benefit of going the entrepreneur route now, is that I will get a few months of precious time with my kidlets before my son starts school in September. I will work weird hours, sort out creative solutions and ultimately get the best of both worlds as a hustling mamapreneur. After running a large small business group for almost a year, I am always encouraged by the achievements that my fellow business owners have made while still finding time for their families.

Once I made the decision, worked up the guts, and made the leap, something crazy started happening! I found once I actually started to make it happen, all the reward and success just started flowing in (and I’m not specifically talking about financials). Within a few days of handing in my resignation, I won 2 Readers’ Choice Awards for Graphic Design and Small Business Support, and landed a fantastic contract with an advertising firm.

Here are a few steps and thoughts to consider when getting ready to leap into entrepreneurship:

  1. Make a plan!  Know what you can handle and try to make a daily checklist. Who do you need to contact today, what projects are on the immediate “to do” list, and how can you maximize your time?

  2. Know your limits! Ladies, WE CANNOT DO EVERYTHING! I know we like to try and sometimes it spirals us into a mess of stress and busyness, but the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves and our business is to admit when we need help. HIRE THAT DESIGNER FOR YOUR LOGO (that’s me), HIRE THAT ACCOUNTANT, OR ASSISTANT and value your time so you can spend it doing what you do best!

  3. Have a financial fall back plan! Ideally, you will have a great little nest egg set aside for emergencies, but let’s be real...Not all of us have that, so if you don’t have a safety net, make sure you have a financial fall back plan. For me, I figured out how much money I needed to make a week to keep afloat, then figured out how much we would need to stay comfortable, that way you can set realistic income goals. As a fall back, I know that I am extremely employable and have never not gotten a job that I interviewed for. So I knew if I tried this boss babe thing and it didn’t work, I could just find another day job (I also have a very supportive husband). The other thing you can always do is have another Side Hustle while you make your business your main source of income.

    The Side Hustle: Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main
    job. Maybe playing weekend gigs or sales.


  4. Find your tribe! I am lucky to have a great tribe of other business women to bounce ideas off of. When I first started I had such a hard time finding people who I could just be completely real about the struggles of business with, and once I found them my life was changed! My tribe is 4 other women who run their own businesses, we meet up regularly to talk all things business and to hold each other accountable for our tasks and achievements.

  5. Just do it! Once you have the “Who, What, When, Where, Why” figured out for your business, all you need to do is do it! Which admittedly, is the scariest part, but more importantly, the most rewarding. There is something absolutely wonderful and exciting about being able to support yourself and your family by being your own boss. AND YOU CAN DO IT!

So cheers to building a business, taking the plunge, building community and being rewarded for your efforts! It can happen, you can do it, and your business can be great! You just need to be able to want it enough, work for it enough and know that your talents and experience are valuable enough!