On the Rocks in the Bruce Peninsula

I recently caught myself working 12 hours days while raising kids, keeping house and still trying to have somewhat of a social life, and while doing all that, the little voice in my head (who sounds ALOT like my business strategist, Jillian) told me to get a little more “happy” in my life. So we booked a last minute weekend getaway to a spot that has been on my bucket list forever ❤ HELLO BRUCE PENINSULA!

Planning a last minute trip to a place you’ve never been (during the off season) is easy when you stumble across fellow business owners like Valerie and Todd from On The Rocks Guest Inn. When I first contacted Valerie, she sent us infinite amounts of local gems! From where to stop for gas, the best local spots for lunch, where to find the best views, and so much more! I was also super lucky to learn a bunch about their business and how they have made On The Rocks Guest Inn into the perfect place for an escape. Check out the interview here.


The Stay:
On The Rocks Guest Inn

Staying at On The Rocks was incredible. We literally walked into the smell of homemade banana bread and the warmest greeting ever. Valerie and Todd were super friendly, and gave us a lovely tour of the inn. The common areas are all warm and cozy with breathtaking views, decks and the best Canadian decor you could ever hope to find.

On the way to our suite, there is also a super cute nook with coffee, tea, fruit and THE MOST AMAZING HOMEMADE COOKIES (which we may have eaten every time we went past them…) The actual suite just surpassed every idea I have ever had about a BnB. It was cozy, had a little sitting area and the cutest little balcony for drinking on. Literally the perfect spot for late night whisky, with a crazy view of the lake, stars and a super huge moon. But let’s go back to the food… GUYS, THEY KEPT US SOOOOO WELL FED. We arrived to a little charcuterie board with cheeses, meats and fresh fruit and veggies. And then as we were getting settled she brought us up some of the STRAIGHT FROM THE OVEN chocolate chip banana bread❤. To top it all off, I have never eaten such a yummy breakfast (Dutch Baby’s have my heart!). We started our day stress free, after a great sleep, with bellies full of good food and a breathtaking view.

The Area:
Tobermory and The Grotto

Saturday night started off in Tobermory, taking in some pretty great winter views, a sunset and some really good dinner and beer at the Tobermory Brewing Co. I yet again, did a terrible thing and forgot to take pictures of my food because I was simply having too much fun eating it🤷‍♀️ (I am definitely not a food blogger for a good reason) But that just shows that the dinner was good, the beer even better, and the company fantastic (albeit full of terrible jokes).

After Sunday’s amazing breakfast, we headed back up to Tobermory and hiked through some of the trails of the Bruce Peninsula National Park (and some chunks of forest that definitely DID NOT have trails). THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE AND BREATHTAKING, like actually, it was super windy… I also only slipped gracefully on my ass once! The real trick to hiking is dressing for the weather, and bringing someone who knows how to pack a killer lunch. I don’t even know how else to say how beautiful the area is and how much I am looking forward to going back in the summer, so I’m not going to try. The pictures kind of show some of it, but until you’re on the cliffs with mass amounts of ice flow below you, blustering winds, with toasty hands in mittens, it’s hard to describe.

All in all, this whole area is absolutely wonderful, and I am happy it is finally checked off the list of places to see, but I can guarantee I will be spending much more time there this year. So if you haven’t been, GO! Go on and get all up in it because it’s definitely one of the best places to explore in Ontario.