Oakville Awards of Business Excellence & Being a Baby Business Owner

Ever have that dream where you find yourself in a class full of popular people and you’re butt naked and don’t know the answer to the question? Since I’m down with being brutally honest, I may have had a few seconds of that feeling during the OABE Gala 😶

This has been a weird few months for me, and I’ve been hesitating on how to talk about this milestone and the anomaly of being a young entrepreneur under 30. And a woman. And a mother of young children. And a community leader. AND all those other things that pile into my business, because I wasn’t really sure how to capture all “the feels” while still being productive af. But with my trusty point form list, I think I’ve finally got it.👍

Dragonbait Wears a Red Dress

So when you find out you’re an OABE Finalist (for YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR!) and have a gala to go to (and you can’t bring your main man, because he’s only 4 years old and wouldn’t use the cutlery properly) You call the only other man that has constantly supported all your crazy adventures, and then you call the woman who fostered your business drive (and showed you how to buy a blazer). Before I knew it, I had both my parents cheering me on and keeping me company on a night that I DRASTICALLY under estimated the importance of.

Now, I did hop in the truck feeling pretty cocky (we may have even pumped out some Kanye West…) for no other reason then I know how hard I work, BUT HOLY CRAP… I got to this nominee reception and was immediately surrounded by men and women who have built legitimate EMPIRES. And here is this 20 something, 5 foot blond, who definitely started to have that “Should I even be here?” feeling.

How to: Quiet The Inner Bitch Voice

When I developed my business strategy with Jillian, there were times when I’d question my ability to do something, either because of lack of knowledge or inexperience. And she would just say “Yet”. Me: “I can’t do X, Y, Z” Jillian: “Yet…”

So now, when that stupid little bitch voice starts chirping “What are you doing here with these people who are WAY further along?” I just STFU and go start talking to those ridiculously successful people! I remind myself that they (for the most part) have at least 5-10 years of business (and life) experience on me, and that learning from that,is exactly what I hope to get out of the Chamber of Commerce. I let my Daddy remind me that if I am the smartest most successful person in a room, THEN I AM IN THE WRONG ROOM.

I was NOT in the Wrong Room

I spent the evening in rooms overflowing with so much experience, knowledge and drive, that it was impossible to not leave fired up. I talked to some amazing women about the balance of motherhood and business, and ate dinner with the men from Encore, who won RBC Royal Bank Large Business of the Year. I was literally blown away by the value I absorbed from all these business owners and professionals.

Know Your Place and Celebrate YOUR Victories

There’s that saying that comparison is the thief of joy, and I 100% agree with that. I cannot compare where I am after a year of full time business, to people who have been hustling and succeeding for many more. I can ABSOLUTELY celebrate the success of my fellow business owners & entrepreneurs and set my goals for what I’m hustling and striving for in the future. I can make the goals of where I will be in a year, and in five, and use these other successful people as mentors and examples on what I am aspiring to be. If you don’t have people to look up to, then how the heck do you move in that direction? Knowing where I stand in my business is the first step to taking bigger and bolder steps that will see me further along in the next year (and five).

These last few months have been HUGE for my growth, both as a business owner and on a personal level, and I have taken ALOT of absolutely terrifying leaps in the last 6 months. Whether with my business strategy, figuring out separation, raising kids, growing my business community, dealing with some family leaps, or getting ready to launch a video series, I am always reminded that I have done ALOT of crazier things. When things go weird, it’s easier to handle if you recognize that you have beaten bigger beasts. Business ownership is easy when you love what you do and can pour into it with the same drive and dedication you pour into everything else.

So Here I am! #BlondInTheRedJacket

A 29 year old blond girl, who is tackling the business life one great logo at a time; Helping small businesses master their branding and make an impact with their marketing collateral, all while trying to absorb as much knowledge and experience as I can get my little hands on. I am also a mama to two of the best humans, have beaten the statistic of teenage pregnancy, gone to college, and am slowing trying to sort out the rest of this life shit while building an amazing business community for Small Business Owners in Southern Ontario.

Nominee for Young Entrepreneur of The Year