Next Weeks Assistants!

Next week I’m so excited to welcome my 2 placement students from Sheridan College. Both will be graduating this year from the Visual Merchandising Program (which is what my diploma is in) and I cannot wait to show them the ropes of graphic design and business ownership! Over the next 2 weeks we will be creating some amazing content for some of my clients as well as perfecting their flat lay skills with Jessica Waugh Photography.

May I introduce Brittany and Hiba!


Brittany - @ba_creates

"My friends describe me as a workaholic who has a passion for photography and creative collaborative projects! Diving into the world of visual merchandising, graphic design and styling has honed my skills but pushed my curiosity even farther to learn what other amazing opportunities are lying in the clouds! I've been called a chameleon for changing based on my surrounds, my work environments and the skills I need to learn on the fly; I"m all about adaptability to become a jack of all trades. I may be a busy bee between part-time jobs and full-time school, but I enjoy life like that, it gives me plenty to always be thinking about. If you can't find me at work or at school or at my other job, then I'm most likely at home hiding away from the world with a good book. My drive comes from my desire to create beautiful things from precious photographed moments to a visually pleasing insta-worthy setup; after all, what's life without a little bit of art? I hope you'll join me on my visual merchandising journey over on instagram: @ba_creates"


Hiba - @buthiba

“I am Hiba, a student at Sheridan College studying Visual Merchandising Arts. A little about myself and what I aspire to do in the near future. Before college, I was homeschooled, that allowed me to really find my passion in art, aesthetics and graphic design, and I was able to pursue it from a young age. Creating vignettes in all types of artistic environments has become something I want to build upon in the future. I am focusing on becoming both a graphic designer and photo stylist and hope that one day I’ll be able to merge the two together. I love photoshoots that are product related and then using those photographs to design posters, brochures, and all that good stuff.

Being able to be a part of the hands-on physical work and then taking that to work with on a digital platform is just the best. I had a blast and learned so much the first time I did placement with Beth and I am super excited (and honored) to start my 2nd placement with her again!”