Intern Spotlight: Hiba

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having Hiba join me for her 2nd college placement from Sheridan College. She is always a joy to work with and just filled with creativity and her own breathtaking style of photography and styling!

Meet Hiba

Find Her on Instagram - @buthiba

“I am Hiba, a student at Sheridan College studying Visual Merchandising Arts. A little about myself and what I aspire to do in the near future. Before college, I was homeschooled, which allowed me to really find my passion in art, aesthetics and graphic design, and I was able to pursue it from a young age. Creating vignettes in all types of artistic environments has become something I want to build upon in the future. I am focusing on becoming both a graphic designer and photo stylist and hope that one day I’ll be able to merge the two together. I love photoshoots that are product related and then using those photographs to design posters, brochures, and all that good stuff.

Being able to be a part of the hands-on physical work and then taking that to work with on a digital platform is just the best. I had a blast and learned so much the first time I did placement with Beth and I am super excited (and honored) to start my 2nd placement with her again!”


What was your favourite thing to learn this placement term? 

“I have two favourite things; for the graphic design aspect of placement, learning to understand a brand and then creating their vision into a logo or a design template they asked for was cool. As for the product/photo styling part, it was interesting to learn the affect lighting in photography. There was a lot of funplaying around with lighting in Jess studio for the flat-lays we created.“

What is one skill that you are looking forward to taking with you into your career? 

“I do love graphics but product styling for sure is something I want to pursue more.”

What was your favourite moment of placement? 

“Ah all of it! Working with both Beth and Jessica in the studio when we were shooting for Beth’s celebration posts was not only enjoyable but the best learning experience. Not only are they great friends; but also great business partners and seeing them work together professionally was something I enjoyed being a part of.”

What are you hoping to find in a career when you graduate? 

“Fun and kind people to work with, who respect my values and belief.”