A Healthy Huntress - The 16 week challenge

Guys, I'm doing it! I've signed up for my first full 16 week Isabody challenge! I'm really excited about this, mainly because I'm ready to get that extra bit healthier. This is the year for it and since I'm now an Isagenix lifer, I might as well dive right in and win myself some free swag when I finish strong! 

Now, before you click that little "x" because "God help us, not another MLM!" let me just say, I have zero intention of being "That girl" but when you find something you love, you share it. 

It's about to get real...

In August, weighing more than I should, being dead tired, and constantly feeling crappy, I FINALLY caved into the Isagenix praise (Thanks Andrea!) and gave it a go. I bought the cheapest one month plan, and didn't really expect it to do anything more than my regular protein powder was doing. 


But what was infinitely more important than the number on the scale, was the fact that I felt REALLY good. I had energy, I wasn't always hungry and I WAS LOSING INCHES! Which was much more important to me. For that first month I just swapped fat for muscles, and stayed the EXACT SAME WEIGHT, but man, once that swap hit, the weight started falling off! I've lost a solid 15lbs since August and have easily gone down 3 dress sizes and feel AMAZING. Which if we are being honest, is WAY more important than being "skinny"...

So I did what gets all MLM's started, and I fell in love with the product and signed up to sell it to my husband, so that I could get my stuff a bit cheaper and get paid for buying the stuff I was already going to spend money on. What I didn't see coming, was the huge network of support and personal cheerleaders that you get! I'm part of the Bows + Arrows Facebook group, which is made up by a bunch of the people who all are finding victory on their paths to being healthier and happier, and my goodness is it inspiring! (Shoot me a Facebook message and I'll add you in)

NOW THE BOWS THROW DOWN, as we start our first 16 week group challenge. It will push our groups to be as health conscious, active and dedicated as we can be, while hugely supporting each other through the next steps of kicking our butts into better shape. 

For these next 16 weeks, I am not setting weight goals (because who the fuck cares?).

Instead, I am going to get a bad-ass wheel in yoga, I am going to finally nail my headstands, and I'm going to finally finish all the damn push ups in Muay Thai while the instructor literally tries to kill us. If some weight falls off through out, great! If I get a bit smaller and more toned, who isnt going to love that? But the main goal here, is to be as healthy and happy as this huntress can be and if you want to join me on this journey, or want to give it a go yourself, just let me know. 

Here is also a really good video for my mama friends, this is maybe one of the main reasons I finally started putting my health first. It is really hard to be a successful parent to active kids, if you can't be active with them! Keeping up with my kids (and my husband) was by far the most important reason for finally worrying about my health and fitness!