Popularity Contests! (or Readers Choice Awards...)

Good morning my friends and Happy Monday!

If you follow my Facebook Page, you will have noticed a great little announcement last week. I was nominated for FOUR Oakville Readers Choice Awards! Which is super exciting and works well, as I am always super stoked about supporting our local business community. 

One of the funny questions that always pops up in my small business group is "How do all these businesses get nominated?". Let's get real for a second, a lot of the initial nominations are from fellow business buddies. When the nominations go up, I personally go online and nominate all the amazing business owners I support, enjoy and believe deserve way more than a little stamp (That they will have to pay hundreds of dollars to actually use). It's pretty common in a supportive business community to celebrate your peers and help promote their business. 

As a graphic designer who primarily works with small business, the reality is that the better my clients do in business, the better I do. So while I personally support my clients because I genuinely believe in them and want to share their businesses with my tribe, there is a very rational part of me that wants them to succeed so they have a slightly larger marketing budget in the future. It's really a win/win situation. 

Earlier this year, I won 2 Burlington Readers Choice Awards; One Diamond Award for Best Graphic Design Business and one Diamond Award for Best Business Advisory, as well as an Honourable Mention for Best NEW Business of 2017. The timing for these was just perfect, they were the final encouragement I needed to quit my day job. While I do realize that they are a giant popularity contest, as well as a strangely expensive one if you have any desire to promote through Metroland Media, (or PURCHASE your plaque once you win), it was a nice little boost to know there are members of my peer group and the public who feel like I have earned them. 

So I invite you to have a look at the awards I have been nominated for and head on over to vote! I have popped some info on each award below so you can get a better idea on how I am serving our local community of business owners.

This is one I was nominated for last year as well (while I was just casually freelancing), the wonderful thing about this award is that I pride myself in how I treat my clients. I am kind of picky with my clients and prefer to work with people who are passionate and ready to build their empires! Those personalities get me really excited about branding and I think it definitely shows in how I care for my clients and their businesses! 

Having fully rebranded in December 2017 and launched full time in March 2018, this award would further cement the fact that I am finally doing what I should have been doing all along. I have learned so much from my previous employments, but running this business and supporting other business owners is 100% where my passion is, and I am so lucky I get to do this everyday.

Being nominated for Best Print Shop, when you don't actually own your own printers is pretty crazy! I work with some exceptional trade printers, local sign makers and cut my own vinyl as well as install it all. But at the end of the day, client satisfaction and high quality print products are a primary factor in helping my clients grow their businesses! 

As a one woman show, I would certainly hope I'm an attentive owner. This business is something I have been slowly growing and cultivating over the past few years and it is finally growing to where I had envisioned it. Being an attentive business owner is pivotal if you hope to grow your business and be fully involved in your livelihood. Those are the type of business owners I love to work with!