The Plan to Survive (and Thrive) at Home this Summer.

It's happened. School is out, and my crazy life has gotten (1) ten year old crazier. BUT we are going to make an attempt at keeping this summer productive, adventurous and most importantly fun!

With that in mind, I have a few plans and things that we will be regularly implementing! Check out my plans, let me know yours and at the end of the summer we can all laugh at how they so desperately changed. 

Exercise and Activities

The first thing I did when I decided to work from home with 3 year old Jack was get a YMCA membership! They have a crap ton of activities and lessons included in the membership and they also have a fantastic lobby and wifi (which helps this mama get some stuff done). More importantly, it keeps us in a regular schedule. We wake up, eat breakfast, go for our 2km bike ride to the gym and then I get a workout and an actual work session while my kids play with other children, great staff and get tons of exercise. 

The other wonderful side effect to working out before I work, is the motivation and energy boost for the rest of the day. Starting my day with something positive helps tremendously in keeping the grumpies away. It's also necessary if I plan to keep up in Muay Thai twice a week. 

Time to Read and Rest

Once they are thoroughly exhausted, I can normally convince them to read books, do puzzles and play quietly with trains, which yet again gives me a few hours of work. 

Unscheduled Adventures

This one is the most important! My kids love exploring the woods, hiking in 16 Mile Creek and just wandering the neighbourhood and regional parks. And since I am home with both of them, this is our time to bond, and time for me to watch them learn all kinds of things in the space they are most comfortable. Those unplanned days make our weeks the most enjoyable (we also somehow acquire extra kids from the neighbourhood as we head off on those adventures lol.)


Kidless Adventures

While having adventures is super important for kids, it's also super important for their parents! My charming husband and I have always made an attempt to have our own adventures (without the kids) as frequently as we can schedule them and find babysitters. This is super important for our sanity, our marriage and for our kids (because happy parents are better parents). This year we will be backpacking through 54km of crown land between Killbear and Algonquin park.  

NOTE: I will be completely without communication from July 19th - 24th

What are you doing to survive this summer while working from home?