10 Days of #RogueYogis

It's no secret I like my yoga!

I regularly pressure people into the Karma classes on Fridays and Sundays, and love starting my day upside down! There is also nothing better than seeing all the ways your body can move and stretch when you regularly exercise it. I also hate wearing pants (the joy of this entrepreneur lifestyle is getting away with short shorts and leggings 6/7 days a week) so when I stumbled across some of my favourite Instagram Yogis hosting the #RogueYogis Challenge, I jumped right in! 

"This is not your typical yoga challenge... The Rogue Yogis are excited to announce #RogueYogis, a challenge for all of the badass yogis out there who live by their own rules and go against the grain! In a world full of judgement and societal expectation it can be difficult to express ourselves freely without fear of criticism. Starting April 9th join us for 10 days of unique poses sprinkled with self lovin’ vibes to celebrate all of our weird, unique, crazy, badass selves! Let’s go rogue together and do things our way!"

After 10 days of challenging myself, I learned that I am miles away from my splits, Pincha hates me and I much prefer poses where I am upside down (because, FUN!). I also realized how much one can improve after just 10 days of regular practice! My balance is better, my flexibility has improved (which comes in handy during Muay Thai when I'm trying to kick someone a foot taller than me) and most surprisingly, my concentration is way more focused when I start my day with the gym and yoga. 

Through-out this challenge, I also realized how incredibly supportive the Instagram yoga community is! IT IS JUST PACKED FULL of beautiful inspiring people who are eager to cheer you on in your practice, and share their successes and struggles! I definitely think everyone should try some form of yoga and stretching each day, like it can only do your body good, and you may just surprise yourself. 

So thank you to the beautiful women who created this challenge, I invite you to check out the Rogue Yogis and give them some Instagram love! THE ROGUE YOGIS: @sultryabyss@in.ecstatic.motion@rhyannawatson@amyweckermd and the sponsors of the challenge, @inkaddictapparel, and @sultrystones


I also realized that people really like my wide variety of leggings from She's Got Leggz, which isn't surprising, because they are absolutely beautiful (and owned by an amazing pair of local mompreneurs!) I am currently loving these DreamWeaver ones! <3