In light of a specific day for women...

I love women! I think we are infinitely strong, capable, empowered and full of everything wonderful. We are also human, have faults, make mistakes and can sometimes be assholes. There is nothing wrong with laying claim to all of it. All of those aspects that make us female, and human. The things that make us better people, wives, mothers, sisters, and friends. 

I love that everyone is celebrating each other, and affirming their love of women. But you know what, I don't want "a day".

I am happy to celebrate all these women, but I'd like to do that every day. I'd like for us not to need "a day". And some of you may view it as a crappy thing to say I don't want a celebration, but the reality is, I am blessed enough to be celebrated every day for my role as a woman. I have never been told I couldn't do something because I was a woman. I have gone through shitty teen years, a teenage pregnancy, college with a toddler, marriage, careers, more babies, and entrepreneurship and without a man beside me, I wouldn't have made it through. Now, before we lose our collective minds, let me explain. All the accomplishments I have achieved in life, big or small, have been because I have always been blessed to be treated as an equal. This is a luxury. I know that, and I would love it if all women had the same sense of equality and celebration in their lives.  

When I was growing up, I was always told that I could do anything. I had a mother who was the breadwinner, a step mom who had an amazing career with the government and dads who supported that and encouraged me to make daring attempts at whatever I wanted to achieve. They fought for me, and more importantly, let me fight for myself. When I got pregnant with my daughter, there was never any "girl blame", it was a joint situation and we both handled it like champs. My now husband asked what I wanted to do, and worked his ass off to make it a reality. 

I said I wanted to go back to school, and he helped make it happen. I came out with high honours and awards because I worked my ass off, gender had nothing to do with it. I was hired and paid par with my male coworkers (and in some cases paid more) in women owned businesses. I have had years that I make more money than my husband and there is never any grief for that. We are a team, and in a team, you never put your partner down because you feel insecure. This is unusual and I know that, and I cannot even imagine how much it would suck to feel that inequality. 

For my daughter, the 10 year old with the shaved undercut, who longboards, snowboards, and only wants to play with the boys (while wearing the dress with leggings under) I hope you never feel inequality for being a woman. I hope you continue to do you and be fearless in all that brings. I hope you can celebrate all that you are as a human, a person and a woman.

For my son, the 3 year old who plays in the mud, snuggles his sister and is always looking for adventure, I hope you always view women with the same sense of strength and admiration you do now. I hope you continue to wake them up by saying "Good morning beautiful" and be speaking about more than their appearance. I hope you follow your Daddys example of a good man and build a marriage that is built on partnership and mutual respect. 

When I say I don't want "a day", I mean it, I'd like if we didn't need to remind everyone that we are great and powerful and just as capable as our male counterparts. So today when I sat down with 3 amazing female entrepreneurs at Gabe + Angel downtown, I was able to speak from the heart and have an inspiring conversation on the way the world should be going for females everywhere! 

If you missed the chat, you can rewatch the discussion HERE.

I invite you to check these amazing ladies out online as well! They are such a wealth of knowledge and passion for change and I am amazed by all their excitement for the future! 

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