Called to Create: A Spotlight on Brittany Donovan

Brittany is one of my favourite people, she is hella determined, organized and easy to talk to! Plus she creates such a sense of peace and accomplishment where ever she goes! This is definitely one boss babe that I love to be around and was more than thrilled when she asked me to help develop her brand as she made the leap into entrepreneurship with her professional organizing business! 


Facebook: @BrittanyADonovan
Instagram: @BrittanyADonovan

1. Tell me about your business, what is the best part of your business? 

My name is Brittany Donovan and I have a professional organization business. I come in to a medical office, business or home and help get things organized and on track. For homes, I have come into rooms which were supposed to be spare rooms, that were filled with junk and walked in organized everything into areas in which it was supposed to be and turned it back into a spare room. For medicals offices I have come in to organize filing systems, and creating systems for medical secretaries to stay on track and keep the office up to day. I have also done pantries and created a dream space for kitchens and the owners.  From disorder to order, so you can make the most of your time and places.

2. When you think about your business' brand, what is the first thing you think about?

When I think about my brand, the first thing I think about is helping others getting order in their busy lives. So many people commute to work, have children, have children with lessons, and so forth that organization and staying on track isn’t at the top of their list. That is when I come in and set the time and create the method that will work best for them, or create the room they want with the organizational system that they will be able to keep up with. Being able to come in to a home and provide that ease and comfort for people while saving a room a space is why I love this job.

3. Why are you an entrepreneur, and would you ever do it differently? 

Starting this business has always been something that I wanted to do, but taking that leap has always been frightening for me. This year with the encouragement of my amazing husband, and friends I decided to take that leap, and I am so happy I did. This is always something that I have loved to do and I am so happy I have taken that leap. We are now in a world filled of entrepreneurs and especially strong woman building amazing business. Having groups like Small Business Owners of Ontario is so amazing, because it is a place where so many entrepreneurs come together have meetings, and build each other up and offer help to other businesses, which is a great camaraderie to see. What I would have done differently is, I would have taken that leap a long time ago to start this business.