80 Hours of Assistance

This month I had the utmost pleasure of having a placement student from Sheridan's Visual Merchandising Program. Lisa will graduate in June and hopefully pursue a career in prop building, styling or a wide variety of other wonderful industries that she is quickly building skills for! 

When I first reached out to one of my previous professors on the hunt for some help, I was hoping to find someone with huge skills in graphics, so I could off load some extra work and use that person solely as an assistant. What I ended up with was a significantly better experience.


Meet Lisa

Lisa is almost done her schooling. She was extremely dedicated and honest about her capabilities (I at one point gave her a God Awful task and got an email late at night saying she has never done this, it's over her head and can I please help.) That honesty and her ability to recognize her strengths is one thing that I find lacking in the recent high school grads and it was super refreshing! 

As we went through our weeks we did some tedious work, and some really entertaining stuff! I am lucky in my ability to work from home with my kids, so Lisa quickly realized that I spend a lot of time in my jammies or leggings, with a 3 year old running rampant through the house. She attended "business play date" hybrids and recognized the pure level of crazy that us mompreneurs operate under. With my small business group, she was able to get some flat lay experience working for With Love and Light, and some tradeshow set up for Munching Monster Chewelery. I love being able to share the variety of client knowledge and industry with new students and letting them get their hands on some actual experience! 

YOU CAN FIND LISA HERE: www.instagram.com/lisarvisuals/

For more information about the Sheridan VMA program: Click HEre