Big Leaps, Encouragement and Burlington Choice Awards

I am celebrating!

Last week I finished my last full time week at Allegra, and while I will definitely miss the amazing people I spent the last year or so with, I am very much looking forward to making this full time boss babe thing a success! 

When I first started debating on taking the leap, I was super hesitant and I didn't really have a solid plan on how I would swing it. What would life look like? Would we be financially sound? Do I have the discipline to make this successful? 

Ultimately, my confidence in this endeavor came from conversations with my amazing clients and the little community we've created through The Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario. I had no shortage of clients excited that I'd have more time for them, clients who went on a retainer base as soon as I was available to, and ones that are booking their new branding packages a few months in advance. So with all this encouragement, how could I not make the leap? 

I think in a community of business owners, we forget to express our gratitude to the people and fellow businesses that help make our business a success. I have gotten so much support and advice from members of our group, and without all of that, I may not have found the "lady balls" to quit my job. The other benefit of going the entrepreneur route now, is that I will get a few months of precious time with my kidlets before my son starts school in September. I will work weird hours, sort out creative solutions and ultimately get the best of both worlds as a hustling mamapreneur. After running our group for almost a year, I am always encouraged by the achievements that my fellow business owners have made while still finding time for their families. 

This is what I want out of life.

I want to continue supporting small business owners in my community through the growth of our group, I want to host more networking events that help everyone put a face to the Facebook profiles and create genuine relationships with each other. 

I want more time for my wonderfully inspired clients, who regularly challenge my creativity and amaze me with their work ethics. I want time with my supportive handsome husband, my wonderfully kind and adventurous children, and my friends. I also want more time for focus on my health and fitness as I train for continued learning in Muay Thai and a Tough Mudder in September. 

Once I made the decision, worked up the guts, and made the leap, something crazy started happening. I found once I had actually started making it happen, all the reward and success just started flowing in (And I'm not specifically talking about financially). Within a few days of handing in my resignation, I had new ongoing clients, a freelance contract with a large communication agency, and I won 2 Burlington Readers' Choice Awards! 

I am absolutely floored with the wins! Mainly because there was some amazing competition, and while I recognize that most Readers' Choice Awards are giant popularity contests (and a giant plea for advertising dollars from a newspaper) it still feels pretty good to win when voted in by a majority of your peers. Another amazing thing about these awards was watching a bunch of my clients win awards for their businesses, there really is nothing better than celebrating them succeed (and contributing to that success). 


So cheers to taking the plunge, building a community and being rewarded for it in the happiest way possible; with genuinely happy clients and a fully booked month! <3


Our February Meet + Mingle was a huge success and we can't wait until March 19th when we can get everyone back together for the next networking event where we talk about brand advocates and social media marketing!

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