Hunting for Happiness in 2018


What Are Your 2018 Goals? 

It's that time of year again, the time where we all SWEAR to lose that last 10lbs, we promise to eat better, work longer, be nicer, try harder, and the list just goes on. We set ourselves up with so much expectation and more often than not with unattainable goals. Here's what I think about all these expected goals for 2018: 


This year, I am not focusing on anything that doesn't bring me joy. I'm cancelling those lunches I don't want to host, giving up the expectations of a perfectly clean house, and I'm going to simply enjoy the small amount of free time that I actually manage to find. I'm going to embrace my wild and my crazy workaholic tendencies. I'm not going to use the excuse of "I HAVE TO GET THIS LAST PIECE OF WORK DONE" before I can hang out with my children, and if that means I have to take on a little less work, then I think the trade is worth it. 

2017 was the longest year of life, and I don't want to do it again.

That said, there were a few crazy highs. I've lost almost 20lbs since August, through nourishing my body with good things (Like my ISAGENIX), and doing Muay Thai at Buckley's in Oakville (I also got my blue shorts!) I rebranded my business and gave my whole side hustle a good overhaul. And I was actively present in most my life, I traveled, I laughed, and I triumphed over some pretty giant hurdles with the help of my little tribe.

2018 is coming in the next few days, and instead of writing resolutions that will be forgotten by March, I've decided to set goals for the year (with a cute printable and steps to get me through the year) this goal list lives on my fridge and will hopefully be a nice reminder of all the wonderful things I hope to accomplish in the New Year! 

You can find that printable HERE.

I also am kicking off 2018 with a New Year's New Logo promotion! $120 Logo Revival.

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